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The composition of an Aha!Moment!



We all know the satisfaction of individual Aha!Moments. The excitement when the solution to an unsolved question or any other instant understanding becomes clear. We will share this excitement with you. Supporting your individual Aha!Moments is amongst our most important missions with Aha!Boxes.

The development of every Aha!Box is structured according to a set of content elements that will be included in each box topic. This will secure that all boxes will provide the users with Aha!Moments and share the same quality and logic.

It is additionally helpful because of an important reason: we design the Aha!Boxes in cooperation with as many contributors from as many countries and cultural backgrounds as possible. The Aha!Boxes content design structure provides our cooperating scientists a coherent framework to contribute with their knowledge and creativity in a clear didactical and scientific conduct. 

Aha!Boxes contain the following elements:



Every Aha!Box offers a story as an understandable introduction to the box topic. The story will help the children not only to start with the box experiments but also to bring the box in a thematic context.



In science - but also in daily life - it is of utmost importance to be able to observe and to listen. For a deeper understanding and learning children must be open and attentive .



Aha!Boxes shall be lots of fun and doing constructions is a lot of fun , therefore each box will contain some construction elements in order to train the spacial thinking and the manual capabilities of the children.. 


New Skills

Of course, children will discover many new things in the Aha!Boxes. Every box will provide information and material to develop new skills.

Art & Creativity

Science without art and creativity is boring. The Aha!Boxes offer not only experiments but also creative activities to spark the children's curiosity and innovativeness.


The size of the boxes will make it easy to take the Aha!Box with you. The children can easily bring the boxes to friends and family members to share their enthusiasm about new discoveries.

Recording & Documentation

Without recording and documentation, it is difficult to pass on scientific knowledge. We encourage young researchers to carry out their activities cautiously and thoroughly.


Aha!Boxes will not only offer instructions and guidance but also encourage children to critical thinking and invite them to reinforce the exciting word of questioning.



Some of the activities in each box are also designed for group work. Through the box children will be encouraged to interact with our environment, but also to explore with others as a team.

Joyful Learning

Aha!Boxes make learning easy and hands-on!

The Didactical Concept

The ideas and concepts for the Aha!Boxes follow the highest scientific and didactic standards. We connect creativity, knowledge and fun. The themes will be diverse, but will always be linked to the life of children: How do magnets work? How is wind turned into energy? Why should I brush my teeth? Why do the stars shine? Why do we speak different languages? Why do we need money in the world?

Inspired from approved science communication programmes and the recommendation of our experts we follow a didactical concept that includes important elements:

Global Knowledge

Aha!Boxes acknowledge a global approach regarding the content, pedagogical design and activity arrangement.

New Perspectives

Based on children’s existing knowledge Aha!Boxes will broaden the horizon.


The composition of activities will allow children to link different areas of science within the subject of the box.

Analog & Virtual

The activities are fitted to augment children’s awareness in a world that is increasingly interconnected and multicultural.

Joy of Innovation

Children will experience learning through the joy of making innovations and immediate concrete outcomes.

Learning without pressure

Aha!Boxes provide multiple learning options to make experiences which are not directly linked to the school curricula and academic performances.

Critical Thinking

Specific activities directly aim to improving children’s critical thinking as they raise questions and offer open solutions and not fixed results.

Observation & Exploration

Aha!Boxes promote concepts for observation and exploration suitable for different age levels.

Connecting to daily lifes

The activities are designed in a way to let children connect science and its usage in daily lives.

Multi Sensorial

Aha!Boxes emphasise Multi Sensorial learning which supports the overall development of the child.

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