The Aha!Project

Every single person can change the world!

Project History

The Challenge

How can children explore their world with simple and eco-friendly learning materials? How can we create materials which not only focus on knowledge and learning but also encourage to develop new, creative perspectives on one´s life? What would be the best tool for children to provide a „bigger picture”, that offers simple guidance to research but doesn’t hamper independent thinking? And – most of all – bolster their self-confidence that they are more powerful than they might think.

After years of experience in the area of science communication and engagement, we realised that we need to provide more offers of inspiring and affordable learning materials for children to spark their interests and maintain their curiosity.

The Solution

With our experimental kits – the Aha!Boxes – we connect the curiosity of children and academics all over the world. We support children to develop their own solutions and find personal innovations. Each Aha!Box includes a wealth of suggestions for research and assignments on different topics.

The ideas and concepts for the Aha!Boxes originate from our long-lasting experiences in science communication and science engagement. Our mission is to provide high-quality learning material for all children. We claim responsibility for an innovative tool for knowledge transfer, which is developed and designed according to the highest scientific and didactical standards.

Why we started with Aha!Boxes

With Aha!Boxes we realized our dream to contribute to affordable and high-quality experimentation and learning materials for children around the world. In this way, we want to enhance the access to learning and science and give new perspectives to children regardless of their social and economic potential.

After years of cooperation and mutual learning in various projects about the role of children in Science and Society, we realized that it is time for action when the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) started a funding experiment for social entrepreneurship.Suddenly it became clear that our ideas for clever learning and experimenting kits should have a clear social dimension and a direct impact on the producers. This was the beginning of the Aha!Project – a symbiosis of educational efforts and social responsibility.

The project was conceptualized by the Vienna University Children’s Office together with the Indian Manthan Educational Programme Society and Hands-On Educational Resources in Ahmedabad / Gujarat. Initially called the Khoj-Boxes project (khoj is the Hindi word for research) we managed to be amongst the winners of the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Challenge, an open contest with 35 participants which was organized by the Austrian Development Agency and accompanied and hosted by the Vienna Impact Hub.

Aha!Boxes receives funding from the Austrian Development Agency during the initial pilot and implementation phase. The production of Aha!Boxes promotes social entrepreneurship in India and Austria through tailor-made training and encouragement for self-initiative. The production is environmentally friendly and sustainable as the producers will not only profit financially but also learn and create new ideas for themselves in special training schemes.

The proceeds from the sale of the Aha!Boxes benefit both various social projects within the scope of the production as well as disadvantaged children worldwide.