More than science engagement!

Aha!Boxes provide not only innovative research materials for children but also involve disadvantaged people through the whole creation production process.

The Aha!Foundation

The foundation of a social enterprise - the Aha!Foundation - will help those people who suffer from all kinds of disadvantages in their lives.

From local to global

With Aha!Boxes we create a global product with a local value-added chain.

The Aha! Social Enterprises

We at Aha!Boxes believe in the thought of evolving the entire project having a larger social impact. The entire project is planned to be operated by developing four to five different social enterprises, providing opportunities to underprivileged members of the society from the state of Gujarat.
The Social Enterprise which is set up under the Aha!Boxes project (a joint initiative of organisations from Austria and India) aims to create employment for the physically disadvantaged youth, underprevilaged women, folk artists and young students from the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat state. These youth, women and folk artists are from the lower income and have not gained access to good work opportunities and environment. All the boxes produced under Aha!boxes will be produced sustainably using involving the Aha! Social Enterprises.

We support them not only regarding their economic possibilities but will provide also training and involve them in the learning and education process.

The Aha!Design Team

The Aha!Boxes are currently designed by physically disadvantaged young persons who are alumni of Apang Manav Mandal, Ahmedabad. These five men have dedicated their time and energy to create innovative designs for the Aha!Boxes. While nourishing their hunger and enthusiasm towards design and the learning of new ideas, they are being exposed to training sessions for basics of design, computer-aided design and language skills.

The training sessions support them not only in understanding and learning design principles but also acquiring the skills needed to create material for children. Because designing child-friendly material is not easy and takes a lot of empathy. The training provides an insight into a child’s world and guidance to create a visually stimulating child-friendly design. The training scheme of the first group of designers runs until the end of 2017. The Aha!Design team is already prepared to introduce new ideas and new skills into the project.

The Aha!Production Team

A Unit has been set up for the production of the Aha!Boxes. The production unit will work on the socially inclusive method. Underprivileged women who do not have sources of income and widow women residing in urban slum dwelling will undergo trainings for learning skills of binding, folding, cutting, assembling and production of the Aha! Boxes. Technology and skill trainings will be provided to a group of 25 women to use different machines for binding and box manufacturing.

A unit will be established in the heritage city (old city) area of Ahmedabad which will have different machines which would be operated by women and all the work related to production will be done by women. The women in the production unit will feel valued and their differences will be respected. The basic needs of the women will be fulfilled by the income from the production unit so they can live in dignity. A group of 25 women have been identified and have joined for training under the Aha!Boxes project.

The Illustrators

Illustrations are the life of the Aha!Boxes. Both Illustrations and text have to be blended together to catch the attention of a child. In the Aha!Boxes project as we are in the process of creating beautifuly designed science learning boxes for children, so are we working on bringing a social dimention to the illustration team. The Illustrations of the Boxes have been given utmost importance. A beautifully illustrated Aha!Box will contribute to the development of concepts in the child. It will also captivate the attention of the child.
The illustrations for the Aha!Boxes have been planned to be developed by evolving a team of fresh graduates and students Design and Art institutes. These young brains always brim with new ideas and illustrations. We also plan to involve underprivileged Street Folk Artists and under privileged children to be involved in developing illustrations for AHA boxes.

The Content Developers

Content Developers frame content, language in a manner which is easy to comprehend.

The facts, concepts and skills which a child should know. The content of AHA boxes is developed on the basis of co-creation, co-development process where it has been planned to evolve a network of national and global level Scientists, Science Communicators, Research Students and Research Scholars to evolve the content of Aha!Boxes.

We also further plan to involve students and interns for content researching on the different subjects.

Our pillars for social development

With Aha!Boxes we want to provide better working opportunities for underprivileged communities and support a reduction of poverty. According to the local conditions and to the economic reasonableness we selected different places in Ahmedabad / Gujarat as primary activity and production areas. We learned a lot from existing social enterprises during our study visits. Many thanks to the Geetanjali unit of Self Employed Women’s Association and the printing unit of Apang Manav Mandal.

We train those who are involved in the production and encourage them to social entrepreneurship.

This will evolve to self-sustainable business models for underprivileged communities as enlargement of the Aha!Boxes project.

Training is provided in modern facilities and up-to-date principles of production and management.

We give recognition to the local producers on a global platform and under the principles of fair trade.