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The Floating Coins
SDG 1 – No Poverty

Half of the world’s population lives in poverty. However, having no money doesn’t just mean that you can’t buy many things. Poverty often means that you do not have good care for your own health. Or that your job is not secure. Or you don’t have access to culture and sports. So if you use a coin for an experiment, don’t forget that wealth is not evenly distributed in our world.

Reverse Litmus & Tumeric
SDG 2 – Zero Hunger

Many people still don’t have enough to eat. Unfortunately, many foods are even thrown away in some parts of the world. Not only a sufficient amount of food is important, but also the variety and quality of the food. In the future, we may also have to find new healthy foods. With some plants, like the lichens from which litmus is made, or the spice turmeric, you can even do chemical experiments!

My Analog Pulse Detector
SDG 3 – Good health and well-being for people

Everyone should have good medical care. Some diseases must also be combated together in the world. It is important that everyone is vaccinated against diseases such as polio or measles. Otherwise, particularly vulnerable persons, such as pregnant women or babies, can easily be infected. It’s also important that you know your own body and take care of it. For example, you can do sports and then check how your body reacts.

Dance of the Magnets
SDG 4 – Quality education

Good education for all is a particularly important goal in this world and should be made possible for everyone! This also means that children, but also adults, enjoy to learn and feel respected. When we know a lot, we understand the world better and don’t have to believe everything we see. Magnets for instance can amaze with their invisible forces. Almost as if by magic you can make figures dance with their help – or isn’t it magic playing with him?

The Gender Balance
SDG 5 – Gender equality

We humans are often not equal. Girls and women are still disadvantaged and exploited in many areas. For example, they often get less money for the same work. They must also be protected against violence and abuse. It’s about time to give women as much weight in society as men. Can you balance them with the scales?

Charcoal Water Filter
SDG 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation

Sufficient water is not a matter of course. Thus 3 out of 10 people worldwide have no access to clean drinking water at home. More than 250 million people have to travel more than half an hour to get to clean water! We must therefore all look after our drinking water and not waste it. Did you know you can clean something with black charcoal? It’s hard to believe, but you can use it to make water cleaner.

The Melting Ice Cubes
SDG 7 – Affordable and clean energy

Most of the time you probably don’t notice it at all, but we consume a lot of energy every day: for example when we heat our apartment, when we cook our food, when we travel, or of course when we play a computer game on our mobile phone. Oil or coal, for example, will eventually be used up. It also pollutes our environment. We must therefore learn how to make better use of other sources of energy, such as solar or wind power.

The Multiplying Mirror
SDG 8 – Decent work and economic growth

We are more than 7 500 000 000 people on our planet and we are growing every second. Some places are already crowded. This leads to a growing shortage of good jobs. But everyone should have the opportunity to make a good living from their work. With two mirrors we cannot increase jobs endlessly. But you can try interesting optical effects. Because children should not have to work anyway, but should be able to explore our world with joy.

The Flipping Prism
SDG 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

In former times the ways were lengthy and the travelling tedious. A letter was often on the way for weeks and some goods, for example exotic spices, were therefore very expensive. Today we and our goods travel around the world in the shortest possible time. And a message is only a computer click away anyway. These worldwide connections do not only have advantages. We must therefore, as with a prism, always acquire several points of view and perspectives in order to improve our economic system.

The Pythagoras Cup
SDG 10 – Reducing inequalities

“All men are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” This is the first sentence of universal human rights. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and there are still great inequalities on this earth. That is why we also need laws that ensure that people are treated equally. But also the so-called “cup of Pythagoras” prevents you from becoming too greedy. Because as soon as you fill the cup too full, the cup empties all of a sudden by itself.

The Arch Bridge
SDG 11 – Sustainable cities and communities

Large cities are growing very fast practically everywhere in the world. People here often look for good schools, a well-paid job or better health care. But when many people live in one place, there are also great challenges. Traffic and waste collection, for example, must be very well organised. Large cities also need more and more residential buildings. Particularly in earthquake regions, they must be built stable and safe. Can you build stable?

My Mini Loom
SDG 12 – Responsible consumption and production

Many people have almost forgotten that you can make or repair things with your own hands. Unfortunately, nowadays many commodities are only made for short-term or even one-time use. After that, they have to be thrown away. This is not only a waste of materials, but also often a problem for the environment. With a little knowledge and practice, you can create many things yourself or make them intact again.

TheHeatproof Balloon
SDG 13 – Climate Action

Of course the climate has always changed in the history of the earth. Man has also had an influence on the environment and the climate since its inception. Our modern habits, however, produce particularly life-destroying changes. We must therefore now adapt our way of life and help the earth to slowly recover from our harmful influence. Although she can endure amazingly much. For example, a lot of excess heat is stored in the water of the oceans.

The Hexaflexagon
SDG 14 – Life under water

Our planet is covered to a large extent by water. For too long, however, the oceans, rivers and lakes were unfortunately misused as large garbage dump. Our waters are not only important for our food. They also have a big influence on the climate. We need to better protect our oceans and the many plants and animals in them. Even many testimonies to the history of mankind are hidden in the waters. In fact, most of the secrets of our earth lie under water!

Mini Microscope
SDG 15 – Life on land

The earth is a huge community of living beings. Sometimes, however, a group of plants or animals spreads at the expense of others. And sometimes it goes so far that another species even dies out. Unfortunately, humans are the creatures that cause the most damage. That is why we must work together to ensure that everyone has their place on our planet. Sometimes this also affects tiny organisms that would not be visible to the naked eye.

The Origami Dove
SDG 16 – Peace, justice and strong institutions

Far too many children have to experience war and violence. Conflicts often arise because pressure is passed on. For example, people fight for access to clean water or good farmland. We must all rebel against these injustices and work peacefully for more community. It is also your right to demand that politicians stand up for your world of tomorrow.

The Rotating Gears
SDG 17 – Partnership for the goals

If you look at all the major goals for our sustainable development as a whole, it may seem like an unattainable task to you. But you’re not alone. Just as the climate affects every human being on our planet, every human being can make a big difference. You too! Take for an example that you’re reading these sentences right now and started to think about these issues. Don’t forget that even a large machine consists of many small gears!