Aha!Experiences are middle size Aha!Boxes with more activities included in a single box. This kind of Aha!Boxes are suitable for a more profound examination of a specific research field. Due to the design process all boxes have been created at least in English and German. Most of the time also in Hindi and Gujarati.
Currently we created three different Aha!Experience Boxes and various related Science Kits in the Aha!Group:

The Astro!Box

Getting ready for Space!

This Aha!Box celebrates the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. It was ordered by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology of Austria for various outreach activities. The box contains six different activities:

  1. an astronauts drivers licence
  2. the moon phases
  3. a rocket drive
  4. the expansion of the universe
  5. weight on different planets
  6. and a card model sheet of the Rosetta satellite

The Infrared!Box

Beyond the Rainbow

This Aha!Box was created to accompany a research project as part of an extensive outreach activities. The project addressed various aspects of the work of William Herschel, a German astronomer and musician. For the Aha!Box we focused on two main aspects: the discovery of infrared and Williams collaboration with his younger sister Caroline Herschel. The box contains six different activities:

  1. a description of the “original” Herschel-Experiment that lead to the discovery of infrared including
  2. a small prism to explore the color spectrum of light
  3. the color wheel of Newton
  4. three micro theater plays about the Herschel siblings with paper dolls
  5. a CD spectrometer
  6. an “infrared coloring book”

The Infrared!Box was supported by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and developed together with Prof. Franz Kerschbaum of the Department of Astrophysics at the University of Vienna.

The Solar!Box

Feel the power of the Sun!

Our very first produced Aha!Box with various activities on solar energy. Crafted in our first design with lots of material and very much love. Because of production considerations and to streamline the design process we changed after this first box to a new and more colorful design. The Solar!Box contains six different activities:

  1. an introduction to solar energy
  2. good conductors – bad conductors
  3. hands-on with different materials
  4. trace the sun activity
  5. how to “store” the sunlight
  6. and finally build your own solar cooker