New Aha!Boxes shipped to Austria!

At the end of October the next batch of Aha!Boxes were produced and shipped to Austria. Two brand new topics have been created with the support of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology of Austria and the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) in cooperation with Prof. Franz Kerschbaum of the Department of Astrophysics at the University of Vienna. Both Aha!Boxes are multi activity Aha!Experiences especially created for the school context in Austria. Due to the support of the above mentioned organisations and persons the Aha!Boxes can be distributed to schools for the shipping and handling fee only.

Presentation of the SDG Aha!Moments

On Monday, 29 April 2019, the Aha!Boxes project team met at the Centre for International Development in Vienna to present the new Aha!Boxes. Together with the Austrian UNESCO Commission and hosted by the communication centre for global learning BAOBAB the presentation focused especially on the new Aha!Moment boxes on the 17 sustainable development goals.

What are Aha!Boxes?

Aha!Boxes are simple learning boxes full of creativity, science and wonder.


Aha!Boxes contain innovative mini-experimenting equipment and provide new learning opportunities.


Aha!Boxes include material, guidelines and most of all ideas for individual discoveries in science, arts and humanities.


Aha!Boxes build upon the experiences and the knowledge of children to reinforce their curiosity and the joy of learning.

Which Aha!Boxes are available?

Aha!Boxes are available in three different sizes. You can select from already existing topics, as one of the 17 Aha!Moments related to the Sustainable Development Goals. Or we can develop your own topic as an Aha!Box especially for your purposes. If you are interested in more details or a sample box, please get in touch with us. We will update our website with a catalogue with prices of already pre-designed topics and more Aha!Boxes soon. If you already have your own Aha!Box in mind please let us know also.

The Aha!Moment

Let’s experience an Aha!Moment! Our smallest Aha!Boxes are called Aha!Moments. We believe that a single Aha!Moment can trigger a lot. It can spark an idea, provoke critical questions or even break the ice to talk about a difficult topic with joy and openness. Currently we developed a set of 17 Aha!Moments that offer a link to the Sustainable Development Goals. You can choose one of those topics or we can design your very own Aha!Moment just for your purposes.

The Aha!Experience

Aha!Experience sets contain more activities than a single Aha!Movement. This kind of Aha!Boxes are suitable to spread the message of a single research project or a very specific topic to the users. Currently we developed Aha!Experiences on various topics including Solar Energy, Health issues, Farming principles, aspects of Astronomy, the use of Infrared, Air in Motion and Cultural Heritage.

The Aha!Movement

If you link a lot of Aha!Moments and Experiences you will get a much bigger impact. Aha!Movements are sets of Aha!Boxes covering a whole subject area. Aha!Movements are especially suitable for group work in schools. A good example of an Aha!Movement are the SDG!Boxes. Designed as single Aha!Moments all 17 boxes form together an interrelated travel from one activity to the other linking all sustainable development goals with scientific content as initial spark for discussions and reflection.

Explaining Aha!Boxes

Innovative Learning

“With Aha!Boxes we provide affordable and innovative learning and experimenting material for children to learn about our global challenges. We connect the sustainable development goals with top notch science education!”

Karoline Iber

Project Director, Vienna University Children's Office

Intercultural Viewpoints

“Aha!Boxes are designed in a child-friendly way in collaboration with international experts for individual learning journeys around the world. Indeed we can say that we created Aha!Boxes with our love and passion for design and science.”

Kathan Kothari

Design Lab, Hands-On Educational Resources

Social Responsibility

“We started with Aha!Boxes to be more just and to offer better opportunities to children independent from their social and economic situation. Since so many years we are enthusiasts in science engagement and educational opportunities.”

Abhay Kothari

Ideas Lab, Manthan Education Society


Pocket Friendly

High Quality

Why should you get Aha!Boxes?

With Aha!Boxes you will get clever experimenting kits for education purposes, science engagement or simply as meaningful giveaways for children and the young at hearts.

Schools & Education Departments


Provide hands-on learning material and focus on important topics.

Companies & Conference Organisers


Get meaningful giveaways for your employees, partners and customers.

Museum Shops & Other Resellers


Showcase basic principles of science, arts and humanities to your customers.

Universities & Research Institutions


Impress with exceptional ways to communicate your state of the art research.

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